Behold! Greg Capullo’s Batman covers, in the style of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

Art by @RickCelis
Art by @RickCelis

Yep, Paloozapalooza will occasionally cover comics as well!

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo just wrapped up a phenomenal run on Batman for DC Comics, and Capullo’s striking covers were a big part of the duo’s success. Now, artist Rick Celis (@RickCelis) has reimagined each of Capullo’s covers in the style of Bruce Timm, the artist behind Batman: The Animated Series and so much of the DC Comics animated universe.

This is a smart project that should appeal to fans from back in the day and more current readers, and its a real joy to scroll through the finished product.

My favorite Capullo Batman covers were for issues #2 and #17, and these new versions look great! What a fun tribute to one of the best (and nicest, judging by his Twitter feed) artists to ever draw the Dark Knight.

Check it out here:

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