New music! Diarrhea Planet – “Bob Dylan’s Grandma” (the song AND the comic book)

Bob Dylan's Grandma mp3 comic book

Yesterday, I presented you all with the fantastic news that Bob Dylan’s World Gone Wrong was being reissued on vinyl later this month.

Today … well … I have some stranger Bob Dylan-related news for you.

Diarrhea Planet (a great young rock band with a historically bad name) has released a new song called “Bob Dylan’s Grandma.” It’s a loud, energetic track about someone discovering the power of rock and roll …

Back in the sixth grade / I heard Jimi play Monterey / Boy, did I melt that tape / And let that casette self-immolate / Pentatonic killing floor / Bob Dylan’s grandma holding down the IIs and IVs

Random, right? But, again, the song is a lot of fun. Listen here:

As if that’s not strange enough, Paste had artist Benjamin Marra draw a comic book to go along with the song. An example of the art is above, and you can click here to see the whole thing.