Happy news! Bob Dylan’s Fallen Angels out today

Bob Dylan Fallen Angels

Happy New Bob Dylan Day! I have balloons, party hats, and cookie cake all ready to go.

Dylan officially released his latest studio album, Fallen Angels, today. Like 2015’s Shadows in the Night, Fallen Angels is made up entirely of standards. Fallen Angels is considerably more light and carefree, however, replacing sad songs of lost love with … well, more upbeat songs of lost love.

Two new Bob Dylan albums in two years? What a time to be alive!

My copy of Fallen Angels actually just arrived. Here she is:

Bob Dylan Fallen Angels LP

My Dylan obsession has been strong for a long time now. LPs, CDs, DVDs, books, posters … you name it, I have it. And this summer, I’m seeing him live for the 17th time.

Fallen Angels is streaming in its entirety on Amazon Prime. There’s a taste available on Spotify as well …