New music! Pusha T & Jay-Z – “Drug Dealers Anonymous”

Pusha T Jay-Z

I’ve been borderline obsessed with Pusha T ever since I first heard him on Clipse’s “Grindin'” back in 2002. Clipse is no more, of course, but Pusha lives on. His third studio album, King Push, is due later this year, and now we have a full track: “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” featuring Jay-Z himself.

Pusha wastes no time here, giving the beat from DJ Dahi just 13 seconds to breathe before going in. His verse is great as always, and he saves his best few lines for last: Let he without sin cast the first stone/ So I built that all glass quad level first home/ Shatter all of your misconceptions/ Hold all of them missing weapons/ You thought I would miss my blessing?/ The ultimate misdirection, ya!

What’s crazy about this track is that Jay doesn’t just drop a quick verse like I expected; no, HOV spits for well over two minutes. And while I’m not going to say it’s a return to Jay’s glory days, his rhymes here are noticeably better than a lot of what made the cut on 2013’s mediocre Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Life made me ambidextrous, he spits. Countin’ with my right, whipping’ white with my left wrist.

Nice, right? A guest verse from Jay isn’t quite the event it once was, but he can still deliver a knockout blow when the time comes.

Note: The song has been taken down from various sites by Tidal, because I guess Tidal likes to ruin everything, but you can still listen to it here … for now.

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