New music! The Avalanches – “Frankie Sinatra” featuring Danny Brown & MF Doom


It’s here! It’s here! New music from the Avalanches! We’ve waited a long time for this, fam. The group’s legendary first record, Since I Left You, came out a whopping 16 years ago.

“Frankie Sinatra” features both Danny Brown and MF Doom rapping over production that alternates between a mesmerizing carnival fun house vibe and “My Favorite Things” samples. Check out the insane video below …

But that’s not all! The band also announced a full album, Wildflower, which is due next month. And we even have official info on the vinyl release, thanks to The Vinyl Factory.

This is such great news. In a year where we’ve already had new albums from Kanye, Drake, Beyoncé , James Blake, Radiohead, Chance the Rapper, and Bob Dylan, its unreal that we’re also getting a brand new record from the Avalanches. What a time to be alive!

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