Vinyl Spotlight! Kaimbr & Kev Brown – The Alexander Green Project

Alexander Green vinyl

It’s time to shine the Vinyl Spotlight! Every now and then on Paloozapalooza, I like to focus on a random LP from my collection. This week, we have:

Kaimbr & Kev Brown – The Alexander Green Project (2011)

I primarily focus on older albums for my Vinyl Spotlight posts, but I ran across this one the other day while rearranging one of my shelves and I just had to put it on. The Alexander Green Project is one of the more underrated independent hip-hop records of the last decade, and it’s also one of the first releases I ever fell in love with that was connected to Redefinition Records.

This album is the brainchild of rapper Kaimbr and producer Kevin Brown, and what ties it all together is that practically every single sample comes from an Al Green record.

The Alexander Green Project is hip-hop at its most fun; Kaimbr drops smooth, captivating rhymes while Brown chops up samples like a five-star chef.

It’s honestly hard to pick favorite tracks here; each song offers its own rewards, and there’s not a single dud to be found anywhere.

If I had to pick a few highlights, though, I’d start with the party-ready “Gritz,” and “Rappin’,” which features a standout guest verse from emcee Sean Born.

And then there’s “Hook,” which blends the expect Al Green samples with clips of dialogue and sound effects taken straight from—yep, you guessed it: Steven Spielberg’s Hook. If that one doesn’t make you want to stand up and crow, I don’t know what will. Ru-fi-ooooooooo!

My favorite production on the album comes on “Songs,” where Brown takes a few fairly straightforward samples and crafts a beat that just flat-out kills.

It’s a shame you don’t hear or read hip-hop heads talking about this album more often. It has everything a classic rap record needs, including fast rhymes, beats that knock, and a healthy helping of attitude.

I highly recommend this one, especially if you can find it on vinyl. Just look at that gorgeous green LP!

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