Chance the Rapper honors Muhammad Ali with brilliant performance


I don’t watch the ESPY Awards, and I don’t think I have since maybe the very first year they aired, but ESPN’s annual award show does seem to be getting bigger and more popular with each passing year.

Last night, Chance the Rapper delivered a moving tribute to the late Muhammad Ali that I’ve now watched four straight times. It’s simply incredible. Chance delivers a brand new song standing in front of a large video screen, and you absolutely must watch it.

I appreciate that the images of Ali flashing behind Chance focused on his family life just as much as his time in the ring. That fresh perspective continued well into the song, which included bits of dialogue from Ali where he was spreading positive messages as opposed to the flashy trash talk we’ve all heard again and again.

Chance is just on a whole other level right now. Can you believe this guy isn’t even signed to a label yet?

Watch below … trust me …

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