New music! Joan Shelley – ‘Cost of the Cold,’ ‘Here and Whole’

Joan Shelley vinyl

Songwriter Joan Shelley is criminally underrated. 2014’s Electric Ursa was my favorite record of that year, and last year’s Over and Even was equally wonderful. She also has perhaps my favorite voice in all of music right now. It’s beautiful, full of life, and sounds perfectly natural, like she’s singing to you–the listener–and not just hitting high notes in a recording booth.

Shelley dropped two new songs recently, “Cost of the Cold” and “Here and Whole,” and they are every bit as good as her previous work. “Here and Whole” is my favorite of the two, with the song’s lead guitar being accented by a second guitar part and a few quiet piano notes.

You can listen to both songs below. It looks like a limited 7” is available online, but I’m waiting to purchase it in person when I see her later this month. Perhaps I can score an autograph while I’m at it …

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