Coming soon: a new Tennis album!

Tennis, the Denver husband and wife duo behind 2014’s excellent Ritual in Repeat, is releasing its next album, Yours Conditionally, on March 10. This is great news, guys!

Ritual in Repeat is one of my favorite indie pop records of the last few years, and I’ve been excited to hear how their sound would evolve over time.

Tennis adapts a heavy lo-fi/homemade aesthetic, with videos made of grainy VHS footage and press photos that look like they were taken by Deb from Napolean Dynamite. It’s not a style I necessarily embrace very often, but these two are fantastic songwriters. If Yours Conditionally is even close to as good as Ritual in Repeat, it’ll be a record listen to a lot this year.

Early singles from the new album can be found here:

And here:

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